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Louisiana State Bond Commission Approves $6.95 Million for Local Projects

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February 25, 2014

Baton Rouge: At the February 20 meeting of the State Bond Commission, local governments benefited from roughly $6.95 million in funding for public projects, according to State Treasurer John Kennedy.

“We signed off on a number of projects to improve necessary public services in five parishes,” said Treasurer Kennedy. “In addition to locally approved projects, we went to market this week to sell $225 million in bonds to repair rural roads in 37 parishes.”

Among the individual projects approved were:

  • Catahoula Parish, Catahoula Parish Police Jury, $325,000 in Certificates of Indebtedness, constructing a new roof for the parish courthouse.
  • St. Bernard Parish, St. Bernard Parish Council, $2.2 million in Limited Tax Certificates of Indebtedness, for acquiring, constructing and improving fire protection facilities and purchasing fire trucks and other equipment.
  • St. Mary Parish, Recreation District No. 3, $425,000 in Certificates of Indebtedness, for improving recreational facilities.
  • Natchitoches Parish, City of Natchitoches, $2.2 million in Taxable Revenue Notes, to finance a portion of constructing and furnishing a hotel directly opposite the Natchitoches Event Center.
  • Vernon Parish, City of Leesville, $1.8 million in Revenue Bonds, for the construction and renovation of fire stations including furnishing and equipment.

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