2013 Legislative Session Adjourns; Governor Jindal Signs Bills Into Law

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June 10, 2013

Baton Rouge: The 2013 Louisiana Legislative Session which convened on April 8 adjourned Thursday, June 6, 2013.

Governor Bobby Jindal announced he has signed bills passed by the Legislature into law, bringing the total number of bills signed for the 2013 Regular Legislative Session to 123.

A list of bills that were passed/signed in the 2013 Regular Legislative Session, bill numbers to Acts, is available online at: http://www.legis.la.gov/legis/BillsToActs.aspx?sid=last

Information about each bill includes the text, history, authors, and votes.

The information is updated regularly as the bills are signed by the Governor or becomes law without the signature of the Governor.


HB 17 by Rep. Guillory: Relates to off-road equipment permits.
HB 130 by Rep. Berthelot: Relates to the Ascension Parish Visitor Enterprise Fund.
HB 180 by Rep. Brown: Relates to the village of Goldonna.
HB 204 by Rep. Dove: Relates to the Bayou Cane Fire Protection District.
HB 212 by Rep. Brossett: Adds to the statewide mapping and planning system.
HB 224 by Rep. Hollis: Relates to school bus drivers.
HB 229 by Rep. Anders: Relates to Concordia Parish Hospital Service District No. 1.
HB 242 by Rep. Carter: Relates to rules established by the State Superintendent of Education.
HB 243 by Rep. Carter: Relates to the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS).
HB 255 by Rep. Leger: Relates to the Louisiana Enterprise Zones Act.
HB 259 by Rep. T. Landry: Relates to the Hopkins Street Economic Development District.
HB 260 by Rep. Williams : Relates to a crime prevention and neighborhood improvement in East Baton Rouge Parish.
HB 279 by Rep. Henry: Relates to racketeering.
HB 280 by Rep. Hodges: Relates to the board of commissioners for airport districts.
HB 288 by Rep. LeBas: Relates to Ward 5 Fire Protection District of Evangeline Parish.
HB 300 by Rep. Cox: Relates to the definition of novelty lighters.
HB 327 by Rep. Arnold: Relates to the Algiers Development District.
HB 332 by Rep. Garofalo: Relates to the justice of the peace courts.
HB 334 by Rep. Ortego: Relates to a special license plate.
HB 343 by Rep. Edwards: Relates to testing for public high school students not seeking a high school diploma.
HB 349 by Rep. Price: Relates to the work release program.
HB 364 by Rep. Berthelot: Relates to forgery.
HB 369 by Rep. Kleckley: Relates to taxpayer notification.
HB 376 by Rep. S. Bishop: Relates to Atchafalaya Delta WMA.
HB 404 by Rep. Miller: Relates to the jury commission in St. Charles Parish.
HB 418 by Rep. Edwards: Relates to tax exemptions certification.
HB 443 by Rep. Lopinto: Relates to off road and all terrain vehicles.
HB 451 by Rep. Barrow: Relates to vaccinations.
HB 471 by Rep. Ivey: Relates to criminal statistics reports.
HB 480 by Rep. Schexnayder: Relates to the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.
HB 513 by Rep. Moreno: Relates to Orleans Parish Juvenile Court.
HB 557 by Rep. Willmott: Relates to mandatory reporters.
HB 582 by Rep. Simon: Relates to parking spaces for certain disabled persons.
HB 583 by Rep. Cox: Relates to veterans.
HB 605 by Rep. W. Bishop: Relates to the Gentilly Development District.
HB 631 by Rep W. Bishop: Relates to individual income tax refunds.
HB 674 by Rep. LeBas: Relates to pharmacy-generated drugs.
HB 722 by Rep. Honore: Relates to the city court of Baton Rouge.
SB 10 by Sen. Guillory: Relates to statewide retirement system benefits.
SB 45 by Sen. Dorsey-Colomb: Relates to certain technical and community colleges.
SB 78 by Sen. Martiny: Provides for an optional sales tax exclusion for repairs to certain property.
SB 86 by Sen. Morrell: Relates to Louisiana Mental Health Counselor Licensing.
SB 93 by Sen. Nevers: Relates to academic credit in certain colleges.
SB 113 by Sen. Gallot: Relates to the LA Public Defender Board.
SB 149 by Sen. Perry: Relates to certain electronic records.
SB 160 by Rep. Dorsey-Colomb: Relates to certain groundwater conservation districts.
SB 165 by Sen. Martiny: Relates to reporting requirements for certain tax credits.

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