Governor Jindal Signs Bills into Law

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May 15, 2012

Baton Rouge: Governor Bobby Jindal announced he has signed bills passed by the Legislature into law, bringing the total number of bills signed for the 2012 Regular Legislative Session to 107 bills.


HB 8 by Rep. Simon relates to equal access to governmental and public facilities for the disabled community.

HB 16 by Rep. Jay Morris relates to the mayor's court in the town of Sterlington.

HB 18 by Rep. Jay Morris increases the penalties for certain crimes of battery committed against U.S. servicemen and disabled veterans.

HB 24 by Rep. H. Burns relates to the payment of group insurance premiums for retired sheriffs and employees of the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office.

HB 74 by Rep. Seabaugh relates to the examination or testing of property seized pursuant to a search warrant.

HB 91 by Rep. Leger relates to the La. Enterprise Zone Act.

HB 101 by Rep. Edwards relates to court costs for the 21st Judicial District Court.

HB 108 by Rep. Hoffmann relates to the membership of the Louisiana Health Works Commission.

HB 111 by Rep. M. Guillory authorizes the transfer of state land to the city of Eunice.

HB 131 by Rep. Broadwater relates to public hearings held by municipal governing authorities regarding zoning regulations and restrictions.

HB 138 by Rep. Lopinto makes technical corrections to sex offender registration and notification provisions.

HB 143 by Rep. Gisclair authorizes the transfer of property in Lafourche Parish to the Greater Lafourche Port Commission.

HB 144 by Rep. Ponti relates to the Louisiana Securities Law.

HB 150 by Rep. Ritchie clarifies the minimum capital and surplus requirements for health maintenance organizations.

HB 154 by Rep. Thibaut relates to insurance policy refunds.

HB 160 by Rep. Ritchie relates to the Commissioner of Insurance.

HB 178 by Rep. Ponti relates to economic development purposes for the state.

HB 181 by Rep. Geymann increases the membership of the governing board of the Beauregard Parish Fire Protection District No. 2.

HB 190 by Rep. Greene relates to bond forfeiture.

HB 193 by Rep. Reynolds relates to personnel employed by the Commissioner of Insurance.

HB 216 by Rep. Harrison authorizes the Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries to issue certain commercial fish licenses via the Internet.

HB 217 by Rep. Pugh relates the governing board of the Tangipahoa Parish Sewerage District No. 1.

HB 224 by Rep. Armes relates to the enforcement of child support.

HB 225 by Rep. Lorusso relates to the definition of public service property for purposes of assessment.

HB 227 by Rep. Schroder relates to child support enforcement. 

HB 229 by Rep. Thibaut authorizes domestic insurers to invest in certain master limited partnerships.

HB 230 by Rep. Thibaut relates to weapons used during primitive firearms season.

HB 237 by Rep. Thompson relates to criminalistics laboratories.

HB 245 by Rep. Harrison removes the sunset date for deposits from the Fishermen's Gear Compensation Fund to the Underwater Obstruction Fund.

HB 248 by Rep. Richard relates to the Lafourche Parish Pretrial Home Incarceration Program.

HB 250 by Rep. Anders relates to the Concordia Economic and Industrial Development District.

HB 255 by Rep. Leger authorizes the transfer of specified property by the Orleans Parish School Board

HB 285 by Rep. Broadwater relates to the weighted average maturity of securities purchased as authorized investments by the state treasurer.

HB 298 by Rep. Broadwater relates to workers' compensation claims.

HB 302 by Rep. Dixon relates to property taxes in Rapides Parish.

HB 308 by Rep. Thierry relates to trade practices in automobile insurance.

HB 311 by Rep. Leger authorizes alternative forms of insurance to satisfy the requirement that condominium associations carry a fidelity bond.

HB 320 by Rep. Danahay relates to the disposition of surplus library books by the Calcasieu Parish Library.

HB 355 by Rep. Pope relates to the Denham Springs City Court.

HB 371 by Rep. St. Germain relates to the Telephone Solicitation Relief Act.

HB 401 by Rep. Gisclair relates to the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission.

HB 406 by Rep. Greene authorizes the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission to establish recreational reefs where oyster harvest is prohibited.

HB 431 by Rep. Garofalo extends the application period for an oyster seed ground vessel permit.

HB 456 by Rep. Burrell relates to the revision of local government laws.

HB 481 by Rep. Pat Williams clarifies state law regarding unemployment insurance collections relative to child support overpayments to align with federal law.

HB 498 by Rep. Dixon relates to fraud detection and workers' compensation insurers.

HB 513 by Rep. Greene relates to the Bail Bond Apprentice Program.

HB 557 by Rep. Hensgens authorizes the taking of certain nuisance animals.

HB 564 by Rep. Johnson relates to long-term care insurance claims.

HB 571 by Rep. St. Germain relates to appointments to the Atchafalaya Basin Research and Promotion Board and the technical advisory group.

HB 578 by Rep. Danahay relates to early voting.

HB 588 by Rep. St. Germain extends the time for which special temporary registration plates or markers are valid.

HB 624 by Rep. Chaney requires registration of certain appraisers with the Department of Insurance.

HB 640 by Rep. G. Jackson re-creates the Dept. of Culture, Recreation and Tourism.

HB 663 by Rep. Ritchie makes various changes to the provisions governing cemetery authorities and merchandise trust funds.

HB 737 by Rep. Broadwater relates to death benefits.

HB 748 by Rep. Ponti relates to the engineering licensing provisions for the practice of evaluation of oil and gas resources.

HB 763 by Rep. St. Germain relates to retention and disposal of records of a clerk of court.

HB 809 by Rep. Havard authorizes the sale of land in East Feliciana Parish.

HB 824 by Rep. Ponti relates to technical changes to the La. Underground Utilities and Facilities Damage Prevention Law.

HB 826 by Rep. Hazel makes a technical correction to the statute regarding expungement of arrest and prosecution records.

HB 832 by Rep. Hazel creates the Town of Ball 40th Anniversary Prestige License Plate.

HB 836 by Rep. Hazel relates to the Pardon Board.

HB 898 by Rep. Robideaux relates to withholding tax returns.

HB 926 by Rep. Simon relates to the Louisiana Student Financial Assistance Commission.

HB 984 by Rep. A. Williams relates to the scope of restitution recoverable from offenders housed in local correctional facilities.

HB 1006 by Rep. Pylant relates to the payment of insurance premiums for retirees of the Franklin Parish Sheriff's Office.

HB 1029 by Rep. Ponti relates to standards for manufactured and modular housing.


SB 140 by Sen. Alario relates to the Jefferson Parish Assessor.

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